Heroes of Hope


“Keeping hope alive – one brave heart at a time.”

About Heroes of Hope

eeping Hope Alive” in the hearts of children living through a life threatening illness is both the vision and commitment of Heroes of Hope, a World Health Foundation network of families around the globe. Whether it is lending a shoulder to lean on, standing up for the underdog, finding an “angel” to fund a transplant, or making a child’s dream come true, each Hero does whatever it takes to “keep hope alive” for both the child and their parents. Our Heroes are committed to creating happy lives for children, so that every child can grow up healthy and loved, while living each day with pride and dignity.


One important element of our mission is focused on elevating the self esteem of these children. In recognition of their great courage, The Children’s Hope Medal of Honor is presented to “Young Heroes” who would otherwise remain unrecognized, despite their valiant efforts in facing life’s daily challenges. The priceless acknowledgement that this World Health Foundation initiative achieves for “Young Heroes” awarded The Children’s Hope Medal of Honor is truly beyond measure.


Today, more than 150 United States Senators, Members of Congress, and State Governors have rallied behind our commitment to “keep hope alive” for these very special kids – “one brave heart at a time.” In many cases, the support and inspiration from these leaders has been the tower of strength for countless Heroes of Hope families.


As each Hero reaches out with their precious “ray of hope” there is that constant reminder that very often we don’t get a second chance to make a real difference in a child’s life.