Heroes of Hope




“Keeping hope alive – one brave heart at a time.”


"Dreams Can Come True"



"Dreams Really Can Come True" as a result of the commitment, desire, and determination of our Anonymous Angels, who at their sole expense, with their individual supervision, discretion, and insight, fulfill the dreams of children and parents by performing random acts of kindness and generosity, without thought of thanks, recognition, or applause. These Anonymous Angels are truly “Unsung Heroes of Hope."

The Heroes of Hope children’s network of parents,family members, caregivers, and friends neither solicits nor accepts cash donations from the public. 

“Each child’s dream is fulfilled by an anonymous Hero of Hope.  

Brittney L. felt like she was in a winter wonderland during her weekend at Deep Creek Lake, an experience highlighted by the sleigh ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Billy Y. was thrilled to be a spectator at the exciting Arena Cross Motorcycle Racing Show
in Baltimore.

Sascha J.
achieved her dream of actually helping to build a Habitat for Humanity home, when
she worked on a housing project in Baltimore’s Sandtown Community.

Lillie W’s
vision of visiting the spectacular Niagra Falls became a reality during her weekend
birthday vacation in upstate New York.

Bruce D.
knew he wanted to help rebuild New Orleans for people whose lives had been
devastated by Hurricane Katrina. His dream came true when Bruce and his entire family were sponsored on a trip to Louisiana as part of a faith-based group.

Ann Marie B. called it “the greatest adventure of her life” when she experienced a four day train excursion with her parents through the Canadian Rockies.

Tony D. was fascinated as he watched in awe the extraordinary magic of David Copperfield.

Penelope S.
now has hundreds of books readily available at her fingertips with the new Amazon
Kindle Reader she received for her birthday.

Ricky B.
with absolute determination had a priceless experience when he got to play baseball
with a “Miracle League” team on a specially designed turf field in West Virginia.

Matthew T.
had his love of music lifted to a new level when he visited the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame” in Cleveland, Ohio.


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Marissa A. had a mile-wide smile as she watched the Disney on Ice - Toy Story Show from the
front row.

Sean W. cheered for the home team at the Mariner’s indoor arena football game.

Sharona J.
celebrated her 16th birthday with girlfriends at an overnight hotel sleepover where
she enjoyed surprises galore.

Tyrone M. sat at center court while he roared with laughter watching the hilarious antics of the fabulous Harlem Globetrotters basketball team.

Randy T.
as an avid sports fan, could hardly believe his eyes as he wandered through the
Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Zach G. had his most memorable birthday when he and 16 of his classmates were guests at the ESPN Zone at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Emily J.
sang along with the audience during the musical production of “Mary Poppins” she
attended at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Bert B.
had one of the greatest birthdays of his young life when all of his friends, including the
entire fifth grade, celebrated with him at a McDonalds restaurant in Reston, Virginia.

Roberto G.
had seen them on television and had listened to their music, but never dreamed he’d
see the Blue Man Group in person, until the limousine arrived and took him to the
Hippodrome Theatre.

Stefan M.
was Captain of the Day when he went sailboat racing at the “Ya Gotta Regatta” event
at Baltimore’s Downtown Sailing Center.


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Georgie W. could hardly believe her eyes on the day she came home from the hospital and saw
so many beautiful tropical fish swimming in her very own aquarium.

Emma H.
had the time of her life as she joined thousands of screaming Carrie Underwood fans at
the First Mariner Arena concert.

Katie V. had more fun than a tiny car full of clowns at the “Zing Zang Zoom” performance of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.”

Lucy C.
was seated front and center when she was the guest of the “American Idol” television
show producers.

Jeremy K.
spent an exciting Sunday afternoon cheering for the Washington Redskins from
a skybox high above the field, and went home with an autographed football.

Belinda B’s
dream came true when on Christmas morning she found lots of brightly colored
presents under their tree for her entire family.

Mary Jane
had a weekend to remember when she traveled to Washington, D.C. as the guest of a
United States Congresswoman who arranged visits to the White House, the Capitol,
the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

HopeStars gift cards
for the 2010 holiday season were presented to a wide range of kids who’ve
spent time in and out of treatment facilities, so they could have the joy of selecting
their own choice of toys, games, and electronics.

Lacey T.
had her dream come true when an anonymous friend announced that she was the grand
prize winner of a Disney Cruise family vacation to the Bahamas

Jay A.
giggled with delight as he felt the wet nose and hugged the Golden Retriever puppy he
was given as an early birthday gift. He named her Becky in honor of his favorite nurse.

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Kelly B. was filled with pride and joy as she rode on Cinderella’s Elegant Carriage drawn by 2 white horses in Maryland’s Preakness Festival Parade.

Jackie G. and her parents visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and had loads of fun with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all of their friends.

Chaim Z. cheered for the Baltimore Orioles as they played the Boston Red Sox in a double header at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Carol Ann J. visited Ocean City, Maryland and spent a week of summer fun with her family at an oceanfront home in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Billy W. was a special guest of the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus at Baltimore’s Arena, and met the Ringmaster and several trapeze artists.

Susie K. took her first trip to New York City with her mother and loved the amazing performance of The Lion King on Broadway.

Winnie T. had a very memorable weekend vacation with her father and three sisters in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia visiting the historic sites.


Joey A. loved petting and hugging two yellow Labrador puppies during their surprise visit to his bedside at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Chuck C. cheered for his favorite National Football League team, the Baltimore Ravens from a Skybox at M&T Stadium.

Anne Marie E. was thrilled to be honored by the Disney on Ice skaters during a performance at Baltimore’s Civic Arena.

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Josie M. traveled to Washington, D.C., toured The White House and The United States Capitol and had her picture taken with her Congressman.

Allan C., along with his father and brother, had a very exciting fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay, as guests of a Captain from Rock Hall, Maryland.

Jeremy H. took his first flight to Indiana, and then had the thrill of a lifetime watching the Indianapolis 500 Race from the NASCAR press box.

Sally W. had a memorable and exciting experience riding a gray and white pony from the 4H therapeutic riding program at Greenwell State Park in Hollywood, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Mattie S. was awarded an Honorary Fire Chief’s badge while riding with his friends on a hook and ladder fire engine in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Veronica L. was surprised with a seven day family vacation to “Give Kids the World” in Orlando, Florida, and taken on daily visits to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Epcot Center, and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.


Sara N. spent a fun filled weekend at the Hershey Park, Pennsylvania amusement center with lots of exciting rides, chocolate treats and photos.

Lisa B. had a wonderful holiday in New York City visiting the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, and then riding in a horse drawn carriage through Central Park.

Charlie J. was named an “Admiral of the Chesapeake Bay” while sailing as part of the crew on a schooner out of Annapolis, Maryland.

Stevie T. saw his favorite team, the New York Yankees, play the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series. Stevie’s dream was topped off by meeting some of the team’s players and receiving autographed baseballs.



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Caitlyn E. took her first train ride to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so she could see the historic Liberty Bell, visit Independence Hall, have lunch and play games at ESPN Zone, and then met the Mayor while at City Hall.

Ryan W. and his family were guests at the State House in Annapolis, Maryland, where he was awarded a Citation of Honor by the Governor while lots of photos were taken at the ceremony.

Belle H. went to the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore to see the high energy Broadway award winning show “Stomp” and at the end of the evening went backstage and met the cast.

Timmy B. had his picture taken with Cal Ripken, Jr. at an Ironbirds baseball game in Aberdeen, Maryland, and then received an autographed ball, cap, and jersey from the Orioles legend.

Johnny K. had a thrilling experience flying high above the City of Alexandria, Virginia seated beside the traffic helicopter pilot.

Latoya D. had a 16th birthday surprise when she received a Nintendo Wii game loaded with all the extras.

Trevor N. was rooting for the Washington Nationals Baseball Team when in the 7th inning his name appeared in big letters on the giant scoreboard.

Junior G. had a family dinner celebration on Easter Sunday surrounded by jousters on horses at the Medieval Times restaurant.

Sandy J. was a special guest at the Hannah Montana Show and had her picture taken with the teen star backstage.

Tony K. received a welcome home from the hospital gift of a new computer, widescreen monitor, and a color printer.



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Rudy C. was all smiles as he sat front and center at the Baltimore Invitational Professional Bull Riding Show.

Terry B. was invited to a game by the Washington Wizards Basketball Team, sat with the players on their bench, and took home photos and an autographed ball.

Allie V. laughed in delight as she celebrated Christmas in July by breaking open a piƱata filled with lots of gifts.

Gary A. and his family spent a week of respite at a breathtaking mountaintop retreat overlooking the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Heidi R. was presented with a hand crafted multi-level doll house complete with miniature furniture, accessories, and family and pet figures.

Willie B. had his wish answered when he received a Hollywood Karaoke System complete with microphones, speakers, and lots of hit songs.

Ellen Sue M. with her mother and two brothers took a weekend trip to Baltimore, which included two nights at an upscale hotel, all meals, tickets to the IMAX Theater and National Aquarium, a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards, along with a surprise package of gifts for the entire family.

Roger Y. had dreamed of having his own remote control airplane with range and altitude features to fly in his back yard. His dream came true.

Buddy J. and his 2 cousins sat in the first row as they cheered and shouted with the crowd at the Monster Wheels Jamboree in Baltimore.

Dotsie S. along with her mother and sister had a 3 day extravaganza in the nation’s Capitol with accessible accommodations provided at a historic Washington, D.C. hotel, visits to museums and national monuments, meals at interesting restaurants, tickets to the movies and spending money for treats along the way.



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Yaacov R. and his 3 bothers, 3 sisters, and 4 cousins had a weekend of absolute fun as guests of Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Virginia.


Rory M. and his family were provided with a unique holiday shopping trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania including an overnight stay with meals at a local hotel, tickets to Hershey Park, and gift certificates to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and Toys R’ Us.

Luke K. always wanted a Casio musical keyboard and a karaoke console so he could be part of his friends’ band. Luke is all smiles today.

Frank P. As a Bruce Springsteen fan, Frank dreamed about the day he would see the Boss in concert. Frank’s dream came true.

Rachel W. opened her front door one morning and was surprised to see a custom built adult size red tricycle with hand brakes, an accessible fitted seat, safety controls, a big bell, and a floral basket mounted on the front.


Melanie J. was beaming with holiday spirit when she went to Radio City Music Hall in New York to see the world famous Rockettes perform their Christmas show.


Craig W. was fascinated when he traveled from Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to experience a school of Dolphins at the National Aquarium.


Kenny H. particularly loved the fast rides and endless snacks during his first visit to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Faith M.'s dream was not for herself, but rather for her Dad to get a new job. The day her father came home with the great news that he had been hired by a local construction company was a joyous time for their entire family.


Ronnie J. had one of the great thrills of his young life when he was a special guest at the Cole Bros. Circus of Stars at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds.



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Leandra A. had the vacation of a lifetime when she sailed on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas with her parents and sisters.


Woody W. could hardly believe his eyes as he soared through the air in the basket of a gigantic colorful hot air balloon as part of the Baltimore Preakness Festival.


Larry S.'s dream turned out to be a double header when he visited New England to cheer for his Uncle Jack running in the Boston Marathon, and the following day got to see the Boston Red Sox play ball at Fenway Park.


Mary Hope's surprise birthday party at her neighborhood community center was fun for everyone with tumbling clowns, Sesame Street characters, a magician doing amazing tricks, along with gift baskets for all the guests.


Becky L. spent a glorious week at a hotel in Ocean City, Maryland , sailing in a speed boat on the Bay, going to the beach during the afternoons, and then with wonderful evenings riding along the boardwalk, playing arcade games, and sharing ice cream and popcorn with her little brother.


Glory D. was able to select a beautiful dress with accessories to match so that she could celebrate her graduation at the senior prom.


Jared D. had one of his wishes come true when he and his best friend had a thrilling whitewater rafting experience at the Adventure Sports Center in Western Maryland.

Abbie W., along with her mother and sister, were special guests at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. for the smash Broadway musical “Wicked,” and were then invited backstage after the performance.

Georgie K. had one of the great surprises of his young life when several dealers at the “Great Scale Model Train Show” presented him with one of their magnificent displays, and agreed to assemble the trains at his home.

Samuel H., with the approval of his parents, had an extraordinary experience skydiving in tandem with the Daredevil’s Club president on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.



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Jerry G. had his dream come true when he and his family were VIP guests at the July weekend induction of former Major League players into the “National Baseball Hall of Fame” in Cooperstown, New York.

Cassandra M., along with her father and brother, were guests of the television producer, as they cheered and applauded during “The American Idol Live Show” at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore.

Skip W. could hardly believe that he and 4 friends had preferred seating at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to see his favorite group – Bono and U2 in concert.

Amanda Y. and her mother were fascinated with the Cirque de Soleil performance at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, and even had their pictures taken with some of the cast members.

Kirby C., along with his two cousins, were hosted by the show’s promoter of “Monster Jam Extravaganza,” the All Star Line Up of Monster Trucks at Ravens Stadium in Baltimore.

Anna Marie R. had her dream come true when she was presented with a handsome photographic album of memories that had been carefully restored and creatively assembled, in order to preserve her family’s Central American heritage.

Billy O’s birthday wish was fulfilled by having all of his family, friends, and classmates celebrate with him at a Great Maryland Crab Feast, highlighted by an ice cream bar dessert extravaganza.

Doug J. was made an honorary member of “Team Baltimore Racing” when they competed in the American Le Mans Series Race during the “Baltimore Grand Prix” weekend.


Nicole V. is such a great dog lover, that when she was invited to be a guest at the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual competition in New York City, she was absolutely exuberant.

Wally L. had always wanted to visit the Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. So when the opportunity was given to him to be a part of the “Discovery Day Celebration” his wish came true.



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Scotty Y. had heard about skim boarding, but had never actually seen it take place. So when his family was sent on a summer vacation to Dewey Beach, Delaware he was thrilled to witness the actual championships.

Luann A. always loved watching gymnastic performances. So when she and her Mother were invited to spend the weekend at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, they sat front and center for the “United Cheerleading National Competitions.”

Cerelita Z. loved ballet from an early age. When she, her Mother, and two cousins were invited to a performance of the Bolshoi Ballet at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C. she was ecstatic.

Teri T. was broken hearted when she lost her beloved Ragdoll cat. While at the National Cat Show, she was given an early birthday present of an 8 week old white kitten, which she promptly named Snowflake.

Micha L., along with 5 friends, were treated to an exciting and fun filled evening at the Cirque Du Soleil–Quidam spectacular show.

Shelby W.’s birthday celebration featured a front and center table for her she and her dinner guests at the Medieval Times Restaurant, highlighted by an exciting jousting tournament.

Kolby M.’s dream came true when a deluxe swing set and fun center appeared in his backyard, because his illness kept him from going to the park and playing with other kids.

Jackie B. loved 60’s and 70’s rock and roll music. So when she and her two big sisters got to see the Broadway show, Jersey Boys, one of her dreams came true.

Desi T. was all smiles on her adventure to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where music and laughter could be heard among colorful stilt walkers, mysterious magicians, talented actors and jugglers all wearing the most magnificent costumes imaginable.

Curtis J. could hardly believe his eyes when the mini-bus filled with his family and friends entered the gates of the Naval Air Station to witness the Patuxent River Air Expo, with flying performances by the famous Blue Angels, and jumps by the Golden Knights Parachute Team.



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Families (24 in all), had their day brightened by some very generous Anonymous Angels, when the truck arrived in their neighborhoods with baby carriages, playpens, packages of diapers, cases of infant formula, lots of shirts, shorts, caps, socks, sneakers, along with brightly wrapped gifts of books, toys, and computer games. WOW! Everyone called it “Christmas in July.”


Natasha M. had heard about the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and even hoped to see the amazing underwater world someday. For her high school graduation one of her dreams came true when she and her family were transported to the Inner Harbor for a weekend vacation that included accommodations at a luxurious hotel, their meals at waterfront restaurants, along with the grand tour of the City’s attractions.

Chelsea A. was a real fan of Brittany Spears. So when the Femme Fatale Tour came to Washington, D.C., Chelsea’s dream came true, when she, her sister, and cousin were seated front and center for the sold out show.

Rolf J. had only recently moved to Washington, D.C. in order to be close to The Children’s National Medical Center for his treatments. Although he had read magazine articles about the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, he really dreamed of seeing it firsthand one day. On a beautiful spring morning, Rolf, his brother and 2 sisters, along with a group of his classmates, were taken by van for a full day excursion at the Museum.

Indira A., a 17 year old high school student, was an avid reader. Shortly after her friend learned that she was dreaming about an “Amazon Kindle,” an Anonymous Angel had one delivered to Indira’s home, along with a gift card so she could purchase books, music, and movies.

Tanisha R’s Aunt and 3 children were victims of brutal domestic violence that caused them to lose their home, and everything they owned. More than anything, Tanisha wanted her Aunt and cousins to have a safe place to live, and some furniture and clothing so they could start a new life. Over a period of 10 days, with the help of several Anonymous Angels, Tanisha’s dream came true.

Alfie N., as a result of the surprise baseball tickets he received for his birthday, had his dream come true when he was able to invite his Grandfather to go with him to the first game of the World Series Championship between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.


Juliea K.,always fascinated with gymnastics, was so excited when she was invited to witness firsthand the renowned “Peking Acrobats” in an extraordinary performance highlighting their unique levels of balance and juggling skills.


Richie H. had been a regular participant in therapeutic horseback riding. For his birthday surprise, he was given the opportunity to experience the excitement of “Apassionata - The Beginning,” a theatrical sensation of magnificent horsemanship.


Brett T. dreamed   of going deep sea fishing. His dream was fulfilled when he sailed aboard one of the leading vessels entered in the “White Marlin Championship Tournament” off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland.

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Sareta A.'s dream of riding in the Rose Bowl Parade came true when she was invited to sit in a specially designed chair on one of the magnificent floats covered with arrangements of beautiful flowers. A two night stay at a Long Beach hotel for Sareta and her family made the experience really memorable.


Lilly and Luke J., 8 year old twins, wished that they could ice skate. Since they weren’t able to, one of their all time fun favorites was going to ice skating events. And then, when they least expected it, a Sunday afternoon for the whole family was arranged where Lilly and Luke were seated in the front row at the “Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream” show.


Jason L. Whenever the circus was in town, Jason wanted to be there under the “Big Top.” So for his eleventh birthday gift he received first row seats for he and his father, along with 3 friends, right in front of the center ring at the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus. As an added extra there were snacks and souvenirs for everyone.


Cami W. loved singing the songs from the movie, “Mary Poppins.” What a real treat for Cami when the van arrived to take her and her parents with 2 girlfriends to see the Disney Broadway Musical Production of her favorite show.


Calvin Y.'s hobby was photography, so he always had his camera with him wherever he went. However, what he didn’t expect was the surprise gift of a digital video camera with all of the accessories that would enable him to record his own movies.


Joey G. was named an “Honorary Fire Chief” while celebrating his eighth birthday at the Fire Museum of Maryland. Photos of Joey in his fire helmet and wearing his award ribbons really topped off the day.


Meshan K., as a guest at the “Babes in Toyland Holiday Spectacular” smiled and sang along with the entertainers during the entire show.

Jackson S. was a VIP at the “Baltimore Indoor Racing Event” as race car drivers from New York to Florida waved to him as they drove the warm –up lap around the track.

Sareta J. smiled with delight as the “Disney Stars” (Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Ariel the Mermaid) performed on stage at the Lyric Opera House Festival.

Jarrod W. felt as if he were the “Chief Engineer” when the Mount Claire Railroad Museum presented the “Colonial Christmas Experience” of trains and toys.


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Becca H. laughed, cried, and applauded du   ring the performance of Broadway’s musical, Beauty and the Beast.


Benny J.   had his spirits lifted “high as a kite” while watching and listening in awe at the sights and sounds within the “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium.” 


Ahmad M's. first time experience of going to a Major League baseball game was, as he said – “Awesome,” and to top it off, he met and received autographs and signed photos from some of the players in the locker room. 


Buster and Callie W. could hardly believe their eyes when they arrived at the entrance of The White House in Washington, D.C. The sightseeing tour, the photo ops, along with the many souvenirs of their exciting day in the Capital will provide memories they’ll share forever. 


Irina P. laughed and giggled throughout the afternoon of her 11th birthday party. With Chuckles the Clown leadint the way, Marlin's Fascinating Magic being performed, highlighted by the ice cream extravaganza that became the crowning touch of Irina's "Day to Remember Celebration."


Moriah Z.   always brought lots of joy to family and friends with her talent in playing favorite tunes on a portable keyboard. When the gift of a beautifully polished Upright Piano was delivered one evening, wrapped in a big red ribbon, Moriah was truly overwhelmed with joy.


Buddy K. was always joyous when he got to see a train exhibit operating with their many bells and whistles. So being one of the guests of honor for the “Scale Model Train Show” at the Timonium Fair Grounds was one of his biggest surprise treats, of all times.


Tabitha S.  had her spirit lifted high after receiving an invitation to spend the weekend with her family celebrating “Christmas on the Potomac” at The Gaylord National Resort.


Amy J.  loves music and dance, so when “Drum Line Live,” a marching band with 40 musicians and performers came to town, she was very, very excited to experience the renditions of their 80’s and 90’s acrobatic routines.


Bill M.  was filled with excitement to be front and center at the Monster Jam Truck Spectacular, a high energy show he had always dreamed of seeing.


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Maria K.  was so delighted to attend the Baltimore Ravens Cheer Leading Tryouts,” even though she wasn’t physically able to participate.


Jared R.  had only been on one boat in his entire life, so being escorted on a golf cart around the Convention Center to see hundreds of vessels at The Baltimore Boat Show was a thrilling experience he’ll always remember.


Kellee T.  and her parents felt so fortunate to attend Visions 2013 - The National Conference of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, in order to learn about the latest developments in retinal research, while meeting and mingling with families from across the country living with similar issues.


Wilson A., an enthusiastic NASCAR fan, undoubtedly had the thrill of his young lifetime when an Anonymous Angel sponsored their family on a weekend adventure to experience the Daytona 500 Race in Florida.


Warren K. could hardly believe his good luck when the Baltimore Orioles Team Batboy took him onto the field at Camden Yards, and then gave him an official Major League baseball, along with (2) free tickets to the New York Yankees double header.


Jacob V. loved seeing clowns and acrobats, even though he had only been to a performance once before; so when the circus came to town he really wanted to be there, right under the Big Top. Sure enough, Jacob and his family were guests of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus sitting in the very front row of the center ring.


Hank B. had always been fascinated with military history, especially naval victories. When the invitation arrived Hank was so thrilled to have the opportunity to take a “Living History Cruise” aboard a restored World War II Liberty Ship.


Cissy Y. had read about so many nautical adventures, that touring the “Bay Bridge Boat Show” and taking photos while participating in their interactive activities was a treat she’ll always remember.


Wendy S.  was truly an amusement park fan. After a long winter, when she was finally able to celebrate springtime with her family, a trip to the “Jolly Shows Carnival” was just what the Doctor ordered to lift her spirits.


Bobbie L. was filled with an adventurous spirit, although it was difficult for him to be too far from home, As part of the “Day Out With Thomas - Go Go Tour” at the B&O Railroad Museum, Bobbie had the most amazing ride of his life sitting in the very front seat of Thomas the Tank Engine.”


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Angela B. was truly a movie fan, when she was invited to see “Escape From Planet Earth”, the #1 family comedy in America, an action packed adventure with lots of laughs. Waiting for Angela when she returned home was a birthday present that included a “$500 movie gift card” courtesy of an anonymous Hero of Hope. As you can imagine, Angela was all smiles from head to toe.


Patty A., along with her two younger sisters, and older brother, and accompanied by their parents, were “Guest of Honor” for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus’ Big Top Performance This was an event their family will remember for many years to come.


Kimberly C. didn’t know about the surprise from a Heroes Angel until it arrived at her home. The Jacuzzi Therapeutic Spa was just what her Doctors had suggested for pain relieving hydrotherapy. Her family knew that this type of massage therapy would probably be highly beneficial in providing daily benefits for Kimberly.


Junior W’s face was beaming with exhilaration as he entered Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. During the next 3 days Junior’s life was filled with excitement and surprises, while he also visited the Disney Parks, and Epcot Center.


Wally E’s. exciting experience at Bush Gardens Theme Park in Williamsburg, Virginia was a prescription for lots of fun, that truly lifted his spirits high following a number of months spent in the hospital.


Lei Lei H. just loved all kinds of animals, so when she visited
Safari Country U.S.A. and rode in an open air jeep through the winding trails, seeing so many animals made one of her dreams come true.


Margie V. always dreamed of riding in a speed boat, just like the ones she saw on television. On a beautiful Saturday morning, Margie, her Mom, Grandparents, and two friends boarded a magnificent racing boat, and spent the afternoon cruising along the Patapsco River and
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.


Ricky O. realized that his “dream” had actually come in the mail. Opening the box he screeched with delight to find a brand new softball glove holding 2 tickets to the Baltimore Orioles Opening Day Game at Camden Yards, one for him, and one for his “Pop”.


Ruth Ann P.’s life was changed forever when the stable owner told her that she could call “Beauty, the Chestnut Mare” her very own horse. As result of her therapeutic riding, Ruth Ann is now making enormous strides on the road to recovery.


Jennifer K. was thrilled to be seated in the front row, so she really had a terrific view of the    “Disneyon Ice - Let’s Celebrate!” spectacular.  After the show, taking photos with some of the Disney characters topped off her afternoon, followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant.


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Wilma R. was fascinated with the Liberty Bell and dreamed of actually seeing it “for real,” one day.  So a weekend vacation to Independence Hall in Philadelphia with her Mom and Sister was a very memorable experience.  Waiting for Wilma when she got back home was a six foot photo banner showing her with a big smile standing next to the famous “Liberty Bell.”


Sareta Y.heard about IMAX presentations, but had never seen one. What a thrilling surprise for her to receive four (4) Gift Certificates for each of six (6) IMAX Features, including,  Africa – the Serengeti; Rocky Mountain Express; Forces of Nature; To the Arctic; and Super Speedway.


Webster L. was in the sixth grade as he read about the original colonies in America. In fact, he often wondered what it would be like to visit an early settlement. Well lo and behold; his dream came true when he and his family were treated to a three (3) day vacation in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.


Bobby V.’s dream became a reality when the invitation came announcing that he and his whole family were “Boston Bound” on a 3 day railroad trip from Washington, D.C. to Boston, Massachusetts, where they would be exploring the whole area with all of its historical landmarks.


Sasha W. – always wanted to ride a horse, so it was very thrilling for her to learn that she was enrolled in a 12 week session at the “Greenwell Recreational and Therapeutic Riding Program” in St. Mary’s County, Hollywood, Maryland.


Millie D.- “Let’s Go to the Movies!” One of the biggest treats for Millie was going to the movies. Opening a big blue box tied with a beautiful red ribbon, Millie found her birthday gift, a “one year free pass for 4 people to any AMC Movie Theater.”


Jackson P. was fascinated with science and technology; so a Family Membership to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor really gave him exciting events and inter-active displays to look forward to.


Tommy T. and Shawna T. are 12 year old twins who had never been on a boat. When the opportunity came along for them to sail on a magnificent catamaran from Annapolis to Baltimore, they were ecstatic.


Sukki J. wanted more than anything for her Mom and Dad to have a vacation on their own, away from the kids, and as a respite from the daily pressures they faced. When Sukki got the news that her parents were going to be guests at the waterfront home of a local celebrity for a 3 night get away, (including transportation and all meals), her joyous emotions were overflowing, realizing that her dream had come true.