Heroes of Hope


“Keeping hope alive – one brave heart at a time.”


Mission & Vision


Presenting “Presidential Hope Awards” to Unsung Heroes in more than 60 nations throughout the world.

Recognizing a wide range of men, women, and children for their random acts of kindness, generosity, and courage that “keep hope alive” in the hearts of others.

Supporting the commitment of governments, multi-national corporations, and individuals to make a meaningful difference by enhancing the quality of life for children, parents, and families throughout the world.

Echoing the call of freedom, justice, and equal rights for diverse populations living in nations around the globe.

Acknowledging the commitment of institutions, cities, villages, communities, and countries to join forces in support of clean water endeavors, and the establishment of hygienic treatment facilities that will preserve and protect the lives of their residents.

Supporting programs that bring public facilities into compliance with accessibility guidelines in order to provide equal access for persons with disabilities.

Supporting initiatives that encourage furthering education, assistive technology, and employment training opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Supporting organizations that focus their commitment on mental health services and developmental disabilities initiatives.

Supporting programs that provide healthy food, along with medical supplies and services to at risk children, with their commitment to end malnutrition, hunger, and starvation throughout the world.